New members appointed to National Electronic Mass Media Council (NEPLP)

06.02.2017 13:23

February 1 was the last day in office for four Council members – Aija Dulevska, Dainis Mjartāns, Ainārs Dimants and Ivars Zviedris – who had been working at the NEPLP for five years. Dace Ķezbere, who was appointed to the NEPLP by Saeima in June 2015, will continue in her job. The new NEPLP members are Ieva Beitika, Gunta Līdaka, Patriks Grīva and Ivars Āboliņš.

Dace Ķezbere was elected as the new NEPLP chairperson, who was the acting head of the NEPLP prior to that. Ivars Āboliņš was elected NEPLP deputy chairman.

The Council members agreed on division of responsibilities at the NEPLP, with each Council member taking responsibility for one area, and shared responsibility for one more area. NEPLP members’ responsibilities were divided as follows:

Supervision of VSIA Latvijas Televīzija (Latvian Television) – Ieva Beitika (responsible Council member), Dace Ķezbere (co-responsible Council member) 

Supervision of VSIA Latvijas Radio (Latvian Radio) – Ivars Āboliņš (responsible Council member), Patriks Grīva (co-responsible Council member)

Supervision of commercial radio industry – Patriks Grīva (responsible Council member), Ivars Āboliņš (co-responsible Council member) 

Supervision of commercial television industry – Gunta Līdaka (responsible Council member), Ieva Beitika (co-responsible Council member)

Supervision of cable television industry – Dace Ķezbere (responsible Council member), Gunta Līdaka (co-responsible Council member)

Inter-institutional cooperation and legislative process – Gunta Līdaka (responsible Council member) and all other Council members pursuant to their areas of individual responsibility 

International cooperation in electronic mass media industry – Ieva Beitika (responsible Council member) and all other Council members pursuant to their areas of individual responsibility