Acitivity review 2017

04.07.2018 14:07

The National Electronic Mass Media Council (NEPLP) is an independent, fullyfledged autonomous institution representing the public interest in the field of electronic mass media (EPL), monitors that their activities are in compliance
with the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia, the Law on Electronic Mass media and other laws. The Council is a derived public person. The NEPLP is an independent regulator in the context of EU Directive 2013/10/EU. The NEPLP
ensures programme policies in line with national interests, functions as the sector regulator in accordance with the power conferred to it by the law and regulations, exercises supervisory functions within the meaning of the Law on Information
Society Services, fulfils the functions of the shareholder and member meeting participant of public broadcasting organizations - Latvijas Televīzija and Latvijas Radio and ensures the development of the public service remit for public and
commercial media. The mission of the NEPLP is to develop and supervise the electronic mass media sector in Latvia, ensuring the EPL, a diversity of services and opinions in accordance with the interests and needs of various groups, to facilitate competition in the market and the creation, preservation and accessibility of important and highquality content.

Activity review 2017